ViolinsforU Auction

Welcome to our first ever auction at the violin shop!
We are offering a table made from a cello. It has been setup, assembled and varnished right here in America, in the violin shop.
Come into the shop to see the item, or watch the video below.
Bidding will be online in the link below, but all the details will be taken care of when you pick up the cello, so there are no security issues.

Enjoy bidding!

Shop Videos

Hi Everyone!
We now have a video page, where you can watch all our shop videos and vote!
Please go to the link on the left side of the page entitled, “Various Violin Videos” or just click on the moving violin!

The Vibrant Violin

We just uploaded another fun and swift little video. You can view it here: Vibrant Violin

Popping Around on the Web!

Just loaded a short snapshot of live happenings in the shop. Cherished Cello See you there!

Chips Still Flying and Varnish Still Drying!

Yes, we are still working away! There is either a violin, viola or cello in the works. You are always welcome to take a peak.


Happy Customers

Happy Customers

Just take a little peek into the shop! Customers enjoy themselves looking for instruments and bows or just visiting! Please come in and make yourselves at home! We will try to answer your questions and assist you in whatever you might be interested!

Shop Hours

Olive Press

Olive Press

Please note I will be changing the shop hours, and the shop will be closed on Saturdays. Please call to set up a time that will work for you!

Take a Peak…Chips flying and varnish drying!

Take a peak into the shop and what will you see? Varnish over here and wood chips over here and finished products over there! Come on in and try out a violin, viola, or cello!

Chips flying and varnish drying!

Chips flying and varnish drying!

Violins Waiting to See You!

violins all lined up and waiting

violins all lined up and waiting

A huge crowd of violins came into my shop. I carefully selected a large number of them (only the best) after a rigorous audition, and sent the others scampering out the door. These hand selected violins were chosen for their beautiful singing ability and handsome qualities, and are all lining up for the next customer. Come in and check them out!


You must all know that ALL our customers are VIP’s. They are the greatest people. They are the cream of the crop. They are from so many backgrounds and experiences, and you couldn’t find a better bunch of people! That being said, I must introduce you to a couple of our youngest visitors/shoppers. They happened to not mind having their pictures taken. They happened to come in just a few hours apart. And they just happened to be interested in the smallest violins. Now, don’t you think that they must be quite intelligent little ladies to be choosing one of the best instruments around! ; ) We are grateful to their parents for bringing them! Little girl holding violin Little girl playing violin

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