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metal violin
Are you searching for a violin? Well, your search can end here at the violin shop! We have added a few interesting violins to the shop for you to find! Besides the big violin sign out front, there is another violin out there for you to find! Inside the shop, there is a collection of very flat violins that don’t play, but they look pretty, and another area where the violins are almost floating in the air. Stop by and see if you can find them!

Our customers have been telling us that we have a touch of Cremona here in Sacramento. Others say we have a little European shop in the heart of the city! We value all our customers and hope you will enjoy a visit. Our violins start out so tiny at a 1/32 size and go all the way to full size. They come in different price ranges. We even located a metal violin! If you want to find a good violin, just come in and try them out!

We welcome the beginner as well as the professional, and all our customers are VIP’s.

Customer Snapshot

Sarah working on violaThe other day this very well mannered and well behaved little three year old walked into the shop with her daddy.  While he was busy trying out violins, she was very quietly and peacefully playing with the toys.   She let me know that her name was Sarah, and after quite a bit of time had elapsed, I could not resist asking her if she might like to help me carve.  She politely agreed, and we got the shape of the viola just perfect in a few minutes!   Little tots with their parents always remind me of their special potential and the joy they can be!  


Shipment of Goods


   How is your bow doing?  Is it time for a rehair!!!   We just received a batch of horse hair.  If you are in need of a rehair, the hair is fresh and ready to go!  

   We also received some unique violin cases.   If you are looking for something that looks nice and is good quality, come and check out our cases!  Or, if you are like these poor little girls, they are desperately in need of a case!  I think that they are looking for the violin shop!

A Special Message for Beginning Violinists

We have a command for all violin players who are just beginning or who have only played for a short time.  That command is "Thou shalt not feel embarrassed or intimidated."  You must understand that we are here to make all players feel more comfortable, make their playing more enjoyable, and help ease any problems any interested violin person may have.   We want to encourage you to come in, feel free to ask questions, and try things out.   Our only prerequisite is that you have an enjoyable experience.  If you have a love for the violin or are trying to learn to play you are considered equally important as the seasoned player.   We are here to help all violinists at any level. We are all in this together, and understand how it feels.   This shop has welcomed players of all levels and ages for almost half a century.  Please feel free to avail yourself of the opportunity to let us help you in any way possible. 

Photo Flash!

News Flash!  The shop has acquired a "better" camera!   With this camera, you should be able to expect some better quality pictures!    If you were keeping track of the viola weekly updates, we are sorry that we did not post last week, because we were "sidetracked" trying to figure out and explore the new camera!   A huge thanks to my brother, computer and electronics expert, Clinton Macomber, and my generous and kind aunt, Peggy Douthit, for making this updated camera possible!  And now we will try to get back to our weekly schedule!  Stay tuned! 

A Pesky Fellow

Are you battling with Mr. Cold?  He is so cruel.  He beats us so that we go to sleep exhausted, and still he does not leave us alone!   Today, I am feeling better–at least my throat doesn’t bother me so much.  I must send him away as quickly as I can.  He sure doesn’t get the message–I cannot be modest and proper with him.  I must kick and punch back.   It is just hard to get in the mood to do it, when he gets me down and wears me out!   He is quite a pesky fellow, who does not listen to common sense!

So it is with a vexatious fellow or maid—all the same!   They come in, and begin to talk and talk, so self conceited and full of their own “wisdom.”   They have no sensitivity to their hearers and in effect are putting them down until the patient listener is totally exhausted with their babble.  They have no understanding of the recipient’s point of view, nor do they care; yet they pride themselves in their wonderful ability with people and their knowledge of all things.  They give suggestions, which they expect you to follow, not giving any heed to whether it is right or proper in your situation.  Nor do they understand the pains you have taken.  They are completely deceitful and self absorbed.  They beat down their listener with their prattle.   

At least, with a cold or flu, one eventually finds relief.   But to get rid of a pesky fellow… maybe some strong shots of medicine in the arm will deter him.

Snapshots in the Violin Shop

Take a glimpse into the life of a master violin maker with his violin. He is seated at the bench for hours at a time carving and sculpting to the perfect shape. More and more chips of wood begin to fly off the precious violin. As the days wear on, the violin and the master are together. He lovingly critiquing every inch; while the violin, though only an object, is in perfect cooperation with the master. We shall call this, “diligence and cooperation.”

Mr Muller is trimming violin garland

Days blend into weeks, and weeks blend into months, as the maker dotes over his violin, seeking to produce an object of beauty and amazing ability for tone. Eventually the violin begins to take shape. The maker has detailed every corner. Sometimes he uses a gouge, a knife, a file, or a scraper. The beauty of the wood begins to appear, and slowly the varnish is applied. Layer upon layer the varnish deepens in color. Shall we call this, “patience”?

Mr Muller is varnishing a violin

Then the time comes for the perfect setup. Keeping in mind the comfort of the player, the violin is set up to perfection, making sure each part is in harmony with the other parts. Only then, after months of careful perusal and attention to detail, is the master able to place the bow on the strings and hear what wonderful music that the violin will is able to produce. Last of all, we will call this the “reward of labor.”

Mr. Muller is holding a violin set up in the white

Greetings and Welcome!

Greetings to all, far and near! A big thanks to my webmaster, Clinton A. Macomber, for all his tireless work and fantastic computer exploits on this website and his many other websites! He also is helping me set up this blog, and I hope to be posting interesting musings regarding violin making, shop moments, and interesting anecdotes. A grand welcome to all my wonderful customers and friends, who are a great joy to me. Stay tuned……..

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